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Just one appliance for a complete balanced gourmet meal

With Actifry® 2in1, it is now possible to cook a main course and side dish at the same time in one appliance.

The vegetables go in the tank while the rotating platter allows you to simultaneously cook meat or fish! A single action for a balanced meal thanks to the new spoon measure, which helps get the right amount of oil, but also the right amount of salt based on World Health Organization recommendations.

Actifry® 2in1 thereby allows you to make a real breaded fish with less than 2% fat or steak and fries with only half the fat of prepared products.

In addition, Actifry® 2in1 offers greater possibilities to personalize dishes with spices, herbs and flavorings. The accompanying book offers 20 new recipes along with balanced menus for the entire week.

Available in France, Actifry® 2 in 1 will be gradually launched in other European countries.

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