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In an increasingly connected world, Groupe SEB embarked several years ago on a digital transformation, enabling the Group to react rapidly to new growth opportunities

Opening up to connected products

Connecting products via a smartphone or tablet introduces advanced potential for personalisation, which represents a brand new dimension for electrical appliances. Particularly when it comes to cooking, the Group’s product range has been developed around providing support and services to consumers as they open up to new experiences – controlling settings, operating remotely, adding to and adapting recipes, etc.



Following on from Cookeo and Actifry, it’s now the turn of the Cuisine Companion cooking food processor to evolve into a connected version, with a simple promise: spend more time doing what you love! Groupe SEB is taking its approach even further by offering straightforward, low-cost connectivity to people who already have the classic version of the Companion. This unique offer on the market was made possible thanks to innovation teams anticipating the potential digital evolution of the product even before its initial launch.

Providing a high level of service

If you’re talking about connected products, you’re talking about mobile applications. Groupe SEB’s IT teams have been working over the past few years to fulfil the technological requirements of these ground-breaking products and to ensure the ongoing reliability of systems and data, as well as their effectiveness. The quality of mobile applications guarantees security and ease of use for consumers, generates visibility and customer loyalty and paves the way for recruiting new users.

Jean-Michel ANDRÉ, Vice-President Information Systems.

Increasing media efficiency

In addition to being a useful tool, the internet is also an excellent means of communication and activation, perfectly complementing more traditional media. The digital approach has therefore become an essential element of marketing campaigns and supports brands at every stage of the product launch process.

Brand websites, oriented towards the user experience, represent unique interfaces with actual or prospective consumers, thanks to content that is constantly being enriched: product information, advice on use or maintenance, recipes, tips or video tutorials, newsletters, after-sales service, sale of accessories, directing towards retailers, etc.
In 2016, 20 new sites were launched worldwide, based on shared standards. In addition, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are valuable forums for exchange with Internet users/consumers and have therefore become an integral part of our brand strategies.

The Group has also increased its large-scale digital campaigns to support product launches and specific sales operations. These campaigns, which are always very creative and sometimes even quite quirky – like the Supor campaign for the launch of its pressure cookers in China – generate traffic on websites, create a buzz on social networks and help to boost sales.

Finally, the brands operate an active policy of establishing relations with web influencers through special operations or themed days. This is particularly the case in the cooking and beauty/hair care sectors, in which bloggers are extremely active. Worth noting, for example, is the success of Tefal’s “Let’s eat” initiatives in Thailand, “Magic Style Brush” with OBH Nordica in Sweden and Calor’s Elite Model Look range in France.

Boosting online sales

The Group supports its consumers throughout the entire process by directing them to online stores via its brand websites, so that they can make an immediate purchase.

online shopping

In 2016, almost 20% of the Group’s turnover (compared with 15% in 2015) came from online sales, and this trend is continuing to accelerate. However, the specific nature of the e-commerce channel requires particular attention to be paid to the product offer, activation, organisation and tools. The Group has organised itself so that it can respond to these demanding customers and has set itself up with high-performance systems. It has relied in particular on the SEB&Share international platform, which gathers all useful product information and content optimised to suit retailers’ requirements, and is aimed at markets to support them with their plans for multi-channel product launches.