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In response to rapid evolution in consumer behavior and the increasingly important role of the digital sphere in purchasing, Tefal implemented a new approach of active and interactive web communication…

A changing world

The extraordinary expansion of web 2.0 and e-commerce in recent years has dramatically changed consumer habits.

Studies show that apart from regular e-shoppers, most people refer to the internet before making purchases in-store. At the same time, more than half of e-shoppers first inquire about products in-store. This reflects how intricately linked the digital and real world/e-commerce and traditional retailing are in the consumption process. The ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and interactive terminals at the point of sale is an indication that the line between these two realms continues to fade.

This new digital impetus constitutes a significant opportunity for the Group, striving to be the best at point of contact with its consumers right throughout the process.

Moreover, the digital realm bears a wealth of information, which calls for a selective and targeted approach on the part of the consumer to find the information best suited to their needs.

An active and global approach

Aware of the need to control information and to be present at consumer hubs, Tefal has implemented a digital communication strategy based on the complementary nature of the tools, and the generation of high-value content for the consumer. The brand will thus take a step towards internet users in order to interact with them, foster community commitment and consolidate its reputation among consumers.

This new digital trend stems from a global ecosystem based on 3 major pillars, real audience hubs and brand image carriers:

–          The Tefal website, which provides product information and keeps consumers informed of the various related services;

–          A Facebook platform bringing together the brand’s various international pages thereby bringing the worldwide fan base together on one page. The editorial policy revolves around 5 themes: innovation, community, enjoyment, ideas and bargains. Tefal can thereby build and develop its community while also benefitting from extremely fruitful viral communication;

–          The YouTube Tefal Channel , a truly interactive channel offering internet users an entirely new brand experience through entertaining and fresh content, exclusive videos on unique products and services.

All of these coordinated efforts, concerning targeted and innovative digital campaigns will allow Tefal to capture a new realm and to become a source of inspiration an everyday source of enjoyment for consumers!