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Fight against corruption

Fight against corruption

This issue has been incorporated in the global Code of Ethics since 2013. It provides, in particular, that Groupe SEB strictly prohibits any form of corruption in its dealings with commercial and institutional partners as well as with the government. No financial rewards or other types of benefits may be offered in an effort to seek an advantage or be received in exchange for preferential treatment. In addition, in 2003, the Group signed up to the UN’s Global Compact, whose tenth principle requires businesses to work against corruption.​

​Code of Conduct​

In addition to the Code of Ethics, a specific anti-corruption Code of Conduct, validated in 2021, was rolled out in 2022. The Code aims to guide all Groupe SEB employees in the performance of their duties if they believe a particular situation presents a vulnerability risk in terms of corruption and influence peddling.​


Raising awareness among all staff​

A campaign to raise awareness among all staff about the risks of corruption and conflicts of interest was launched in October 2022. This online training program provides a real-life illustration of the risks to which any employee may be exposed, outlining the initial best response in the event of a suspected or proven case of corruption or non-compliance with the rules, to apply in the event of a conflict of interest. This mandatory program is available in 11 languages. 82% and of employees with online access had completed it by the end of 2022. It will be extended to include employees with no online access in the first half of 2023.​