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In the field of social protection, the Group initiated a process in 2017 aiming to offer its employees worldwide a high-level coverage beyond regulatory requirements and in line with the local context. A global survey of practices, conducted in 2016 across the 73 countries where the Group employs staff, had already shown that 85% of them were covered in the event of death.​

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Since 2018, the Group has been progressively implementing a global framework for social protection and working conditions, known as WeCare@SEB, initially based on two pillars:​

  • Death insurance: 12 months' salary paid to the employee's family in the event of work-related death.​
  • Medical coverage: Coverage for accidental hospitalizations (capped at 70% of actual expenses).​
  • A third pillar is currently being defined for deployment by 2023.

Each permanent employee, regardless of their country and hierarchical level, will benefit from at least the guarantees provided by this global framework. The implementation of all three pillars will be completed by the end of 2023. The death insurance coverage has already been effective for all employees since January 1, 2019, with the exception of entities not included in the 2016 feasibility study, which will benefit from it by 2024.​

​The Group also ensures that it reviews the content of employment contracts on a regular basis in order to supplement and/or improve existing insurance coverage in each of the contracts negotiated locally at the level of the legal entity and/or the country concerned.​


100% of workers worldwide are covered by the WeCare@Seb social protection floor​